Catherine Holland

161028_sloanneuroeconomicslab_final_hires-7199I am the Lab Coordinator for the Sloan Neuroeconomics Lab. As such, I am involved in a variety of computational, behavioral, and neuroimaging projects in the lab investigating self-signaling, Bayesian Truth Serum and decisions with economic or moral consequences. In 2016, I received my B.S. from Yale University in Psychology-Neuroscience with a concentration in Decision-Making and Neuroeconomics. Advised by Gregory Samanez-Larkin, my research primarily focused on individual and adult age differences in temporal, effort, and probability discounting across social, health, and monetary domains. I was also involved in the creation of set of dynamic facial stimuli to be used in social reward studies. I am primarily interested in cognitive control processes underlying decision-making and aging, uncertainty & risk assessment, prosocial behavior, and how all these things can be applied to Marketing!

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