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“The Wisdom of Even Wiser Crowds” (Wall St. Journal, Daniel Akst)

“The Wisdom and Madness of Crowds” (Bloomberg View, Noah Smith)

“MIT economists are combating groupthink with algorithms” (Quartz, Ephrat Livni)

“Hive Mind: New Approach Could Improve on Crowd Wisdom” (Scientific American, Simon Makin)

“Metaknowledge” (Aeon, George Musser)

“Crowds are wise enough to know when other people will get it wrong” (Ars Technica, Cathleen O’Grady)

“Intervju Dražen Prelec: Mudrost mase” (Novi Magazin, Marija Šajkaš)

“How to find the right answer when the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ fails” ( Nature News, Erin Ross)

“Better wisdom from crowds” (MIT News, Peter Dizikes)

“In crowd wisdom, the ‘surprisingly popular’ answer can trump ignorance of the masses,” (Morgan Kelly, Princeton Office of Communications, and Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office, contributed to this story)

“A Better Way To Harness The Wisdom Of Crowds” (IFLScience, Stephen Luntz)

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Measuring Beauty (Nature , Philip Ball)

Surveys to judge truth of answers (Nature News, Philip Ball)

“Mathematical “truth serum” promotes honesty” (New Scientist, Maggie McKee)