Our projects apply functional magnetic imaging to the study of decisions, especially decisions with economic or moral consequences.

One project investigates brain mechanisms of implicit trust, specifically in the context of customers trusting financial advisors that physically resemble them. A second looks at self-deception, whether brain imaging can reveal non-conscious awareness of bad financial or medical news. A third examines whether costly honesty is intrinsically rewarding, as shown by brain activation. A fourth studies how satisfaction with a purchase is affected by method of payment.

The Brain as Decision Maker MIT Video

Key publications

Works in Progress

  • Mijovic-Prelec, D., Huang, A., Long, C., Luchini, S., Hadjikani, N., and D. Prelec (2016). “Behavioral and Brain Mechanisms of Self-signaling under Oath.”
  • Hadden, T., Prelec, D., Gabrieli, J., and D. Mijovic-Prelec. “Feeling right, even when you’re wrong: Neural mechanisms supporting reward-related self-deception”

Other Publications

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